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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Out and About in Old Downtown

More details are emerging for the May 19th blowout hosted by the Royal Anchor in Old downtown (Shinae).  Mr Kim, owner of the Royal Anchor, has been prepping endlessly for this event and the event is shaping up to be a huge party.

If you haven’t been to old downtown, or if you have but limited your experiences to the foreigners bars, you might have missed the transformation that has taken place. The Jung-gu office has been encouraging remodeling and new construction of the area and a number of small, quaint and cozy places have sprung up.  Where once dingy shops lined the streets, now numerous, well-lite, Euro-style coffee shops and restaurants beckon passersby in for a taste of the new Shinae.   Most of this has been going on quietly and many of these restaurants and shops have yet to be noticed by the foreigner community. Indeed, has yet to review many of the newer places.

Below is the map, artfully drawn by Mr. Kim himself, to illustrate the wide ranging participation of the local shops, restaurants and bars . Click to bring up a full size version.


Each of these places will be holding their own specials just for this event.  The list of participating places includes:

  • Benchwarmers – Party drink specials and beer pong from 8pm
  • Jopotak Bar- one of Ulsan’s oldest, has over 29 years of experience serving delicious spicy chicken and more.
  • Big Pen – 10% discount at this Italian restaurant
  • Cafe de Paris – The 1st coffee shop in Old Downtown, the beginning of the transformation.
  • Noriteo – serving handmade steak burgers. Get a 20% discount during the event.
  • Page 104 – just below Royal Anchor, this cute coffee shop will be giving a 10% discount on coffee and brunch.
  • Yuki – Sushi bar, small and cozy with a great atmosphere.
  • Darak Coffee Shop – modern atmosphere. They’re offering unlimited free refills during the party.
  • La Raymen – Japan style ramen. Free traditional  drinks during the event.
  • Pyonghwa Sampa – Pongwha has been making excellent songyopsal for years. They are giving a 10% discount that day.
  • Sum Culture Centre – a hidden gem in Shinae, this coffee shop boasts three floors and has outstanding meeting space for those in need of a quiet place for study groups, wine parties, theater groups and many other uses.
  • Almond Chicken –  serving chicken and draft beer with a 10% discount on the 19th.
  • Corner Bistro – A famous Italian restaurant, they’ll be serving free french fries and drinks during the event.
  • Royal Anchor – party drink specials from 10pm.

The Schedule of events begins at 4:00 pm with the Outdoor Music Party at Dong Hun. There will be three rock bands – Stache Potato (foreign band),  Funk U (Korean band) and – Karaoke Dokey (a little of both). There will also be some  Line-Dancing girls – participation is part of the fun –  so don’t be shy when the rhythm takes to your feet.   Free beer and sandwiches will be provided (while supplies last, so don’t do the usual waygook-time and try to be fashionably late or you might miss out).

From 4:00pm to 7:00pm the shops and restaurants will be having their promotions and discounts. Beginning at 8:00pm, Benchwarmers will begin their drink specials and beer pong. At 10pm, Royal Anchor will  start their drink specials and the party will continue into the wee hours of the morning.

Be sure and set your calendar for Saturday, May 19th at 4:00pm for this blowout party!