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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Pub Thursday’s

Ulsan’s Dong-Gu seems to be getting all the best new pubs and restaurants these days. The newest addition to the area is Pub Thursday’s near Hyundai Hotel.

Thursday’s is a western style pub that appeals to Expats and Koreans  with it’s clean style and eclectic menu. Just opened in May of this year, the place is spotlessly clean and furnished with comfortable chairs.

As any respectable pub should have, the draft beer selection is admirable. Guiness, Kilkenny, Hoegaarden, Miller and Cass are on tap, but a plethora of other brands, domestic and foreign, are available in bottles including Corona, Asahi, and San Miguel Pale Pilsen.  Other bottled drinks such as Somerset Apple Cider and Smirnoff  Ice are available.   Thursday’s sports a full bar and has a  a collection of popular wines as well as the usual suspects of the  harder beverages of whiskey, bourbon, vodka and rum.

On the menu, an equally delicious assortment of western and local fare can be found. Steaks and pasta looked great as did the curried lamb and fajitas. Required food for any establishment to be called a pub is fish and chips which are available along with other sides such as potato skins, fries, nachos and Korean style anju.  On the night I went, we opted for fried shrimp with french fries and the sour cream enchiladas. As a former resident of Texas, I’ve been disappointed in the past with other restaurants claiming to have Mexican food, but Thursday’s enchiladas were the real deal.  I’d recommend them to anyone hankering for a taste of the southwest. Smothered in sour cream sauce and covered in cheddar cheese they were served with sides of  real sour cream, salsa and authentic jalapeno peppers.  Chef Jeong Da Bong is fully capable of whipping up some delicious dinners. A table of Korean diners adjacent to us seemed to be enjoying their dinner selections of pastas as well as we enjoyed our dinners.

The ambience of the place was quiet for a Friday night, but it was rainy and we suspect many folks decided to stay in that night. The owner, Su Park, is very friendly and speaks English well. Having lived abroad for 17 years, she has a good idea of what expats living in Korea are looking for in a pub and strives hard to ensure her customers are taken care of. She flitted among tables freely talking with her guests and serving food and drinks. Chef Jeong also speaks English well.

Owner Su Park and Chef Jeong Da Bong


A well stocked bar

Lots of comfortable tables

A full size pool table simply begging to be played

A quiet corner for reading

I was particularly impressed with the restrooms. So many of Korea’s bars tend to have these, but somehow forget they are part of the establishment and neglect  to clean them regularly or furnish them properly. Thursday’s restrooms are bright, clean, odorless and even have fresh paper towels. Patrons should expect no fear or trepidation upon entering these necessary rooms.

Thursday’s only had a half dozen or so patrons when we arrived at 9pm and the place was a little quiet. But as I mentioned, it was a rainy night. Also, they have done no advertising since opening and have only relied on word of mouth to spread among the local residents.  Su hopes that other residents and workers in Dong-Gu find her place and sample her wares. With a fine menu and bar,  Thursday’s is a great place to relax, get fed some comfort food to remind us of home and chat with friends.  We hope Su’s pub thrives and provides Ulsan residents with another great place for nights out.

To find, Thursday’s, travel north from Hyundai Hotel and McDonald’s along the main road. Thursday’s is 1 1/2 blocks from McDonald’s on the 2nd floor.  The main entrance, however, is to your left up a short alley.  Buses  in the 100-range that go to HHI will get you there, as will 401, 1104, 1114, 1401.