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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Rex Coffee L’Invito – Live Music

It pays to get out and see something different. Last night at the Ulsan Wine Club, we went to a venue that most of us have probably never heard of. Nestled in the nooks and crannies of Nam-ei Dong is Rex L’Invito, a quaint coffee shop above Elite English hogwan near Samwon Nauville (삼원 나우빌) Apt.

Every Tuesday night is live music night at 8:00pm.  Rex owner Sun-Ho Park spends most of his days running an offshore engineering company. At night, he is host at the coffee shop and encourages people to attend the live music sessions. Park says that the music and style will vary so you’ll have to take a chance when you go on what you might listen to.

Somewhat of a music aficionado himself, Park’s teenage son and daughter live in Germany where they are being trained in Classical Cello and Clarinet. Tell him his kids are beautiful and you might get a free shot of scotch.