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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Second Hotel

Second Hotel is a nightclub. It opens at about 10.30pm and it closes at about 6am.

second hotel photo

Inside second hotel

Second Hotel has been open for a year. In fact it is their first year Birthday Party this Saturday. (April 20th 2013.)

Second Hotel plays a mixture of house, house tech, and popular Korean style dance party and on occasion  RnB music. The atmosphere is electric. It is always busy and it is a great place to dance the night/early hours of the morning away.

 The Gossip

This place is crazy. The bass is loud and the crowd loves to go wild. Don’t go here if you are a wall flower, you will hate it. This place is great if you really want to let loose and dance the night away.

When I say crazy I mean, as a woman the guys will dance with you and their hands are everywhere, don’t go in there if you like your space or if you don’t like strangers touching you. I have heard of girls having their breasts  groped…actually my friend had hers groped and she drop kicked the guy in the groin!

When you wake up in the morning you can expect to feel extremely happy, although somewhat smelly and deaf!!

Personally I LOVE this place, yes you have to bat the boys hands away but that’s a small price to pay for a great clubbing experience.  I think Second Hotel has a fantastic atmosphere and  ALWAYS delivers an outstanding night out.


Costs (can change) usually are:

Fridays:  10,000won entrance fee with a voucher for a cafri beer.

Saturdays:  15,000won entrance fee with a voucher for a cafri beer

Drinks Prices:  

10,000won for a vodka and mixer, cafri etc.

They also offer tables…for a price:

139,000won gets you a bottle of Vodka Absolute or liquor of your choice and unlimited mixers (soda water)

This sounds a lot but when you split the cost between 4… 35,000won each isn’t a bad price.


How to get there.

It is in Samsandong, near Trevi.

Just before Trevi on the opposite side of the road you will see a red tent and a queue of people.

Pay the guy at the tent, get a stamp and your free Cafri beer voucher. (it looks like a coat cloakroom voucher)

Go in the lift to the 5th floor.

Put your stuff in a locker-you won’t be needing it, then go and dance till dawn!

Second hotel from Outside

Outside second hotel

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