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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan


Update: March 2013 – Somewhere is closed.

Ulsan’s newest foreigner bar opened May 15th in old downtown.  “Somewhere” is located just off the clock circle intersection of Shigaetop in shinae, or old downtown.

Somewhere has a small Karaoke set and big screen TV. If you don’t mind singing in front of strangers, it’s fun to sing western style in the full bar. There is enough room in front for dancing. The staff has excellent English skills and are happy to serve up drinks by the glass.

Somewhere is located off the northwest corner of the Shigaetop circe on the 2nd floor above 김밥나라 and adjacent to Nonghyup bank. You’ll find the stairs just around the corner in the alley next to the bank.

Old school alum of Tombstone may remember semi-regular patron Hazel Perez as the new owner of Somewhere.

Check out the Shinae map here.