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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

The Golden Eagles – British Pub

Now located in Ilsan Beach in Dong-gu

If I’ve learnt anything in Asia, never trust a book by it’s cover


The interior seemed right.

Once inside we decided to try a pint. The first thing I looked at was a pint of Guinness. But at over 12000 won a pint, I’ve owned vehicles that were worth less. They had a decent range of imports, I can’t remember them all, but there was Asahi and Hoegaarden, comparable in price to Wgarden or Eurus.  We decided on trying the local “Eagles” draft. Usually, the house draft is the exact same as every other bar. In fact, I’m willing to bet money that WaBar, Wgarden, Eurus, Ybar and almost everybody else in Samsan share the same brewery. Expecting the familiar burning of Korean beers, I was remarkably surprised when the house draft arrived.

Heiniken dark vs House Draft – 7000 won each, and the house tastes better

The house draft was actually quite smooth and enjoyable. It’s a bit more expensive than the competitions house beers, but similar in price to waBar’s dark draft, and it is, in my opinion, superior. Update: The 7000 won house beer is just a pint of Cass (4000won) with a Guinness head…though it is tasty, you can get a glass of real Guinness for 6000 won.

The bar is relatively well stocked with Whiskey and other implements of destruction. With proper stools and friendly English speaking staff (including Rooney!) it’s not a bad spot to wait for a movie, even by yourself.

Upstairs is the most remarkable thing of all, not only is there a kitchen, a pool table and another bar, but when I walked up, there was ROAST BEEF. Yup, an event had been organized, and they were serving roast beef  along with a wide variety of other brilliant foods. The portion sizes were large, and everything coming out of the kitchen looked excellent, though I didn’t try anything.

The pub is located half-way between Beat and WGarden in Samsandong. It is on the street that runs parallel to the main road at Lotte and the new walking street. If you were standing at the main doors of Lotte Hotel, and you were Superman, you could look directly into the Ladies Washroom.

I’d strongly recommend heading down and checking this one out.