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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan


The restaurant on the ground floor of Tombstone - 3rd floor

The restaurant on the ground floor of Tombstone - 3rd floor

The oldest foreigner bar in Ulsan, Tombstone’s history goes back into the depths of the 90’s. A mixing place of brave university students and foreigners the bar has always had a hometown feeling to it. The current owners, foreigners all, make sure that on Friday on Saturday nights, the bar is hopping. The rest of the week the guys take their time to work their real jobs, but weekends the party is hopping.


Tombstone is a great place to go to find out the history of the town. With the pool table holding court, it’s a good place to meet like minded stick fiends.


Jeff, Mark, Andy and the rest of the gang really help make the bar a friendly place. The draft beer is cheap and the mixed drinks are strong…the bathroom is a bit sketchy, but certainly not the sketchiest in town. In fact, if anybody knows about a foreigner bar in Korea…hell, somewhere in East Asia with a decent bathroom, please, send me an email.

To get there, head from the main gate of the university (Ulsan Dae-hak-kyo) straight up the hill. At the intersection on top (known as Babo Sa Go Ri) turn right. Head down to the WaBar and turn left. Tombstone is on the 3rd story. Open Fridays and Saturdays only.

Map coming soon.