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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan


WaBar has become the FamilyMart of bars, popping up in every neighbourhood around the city. The chain started in Busan, but has really come into it’s own in Ulsan. I can’t think of a decent neighbourhood that doesn’t have one. There are two in Samsandong and Mugeodong. But what’s the mystery to their success?


Overpriced beer? Ultra Expensive side dishes? A disappointing cocktail menu? Too many staff?

In this case, it’s all in a name.

Wa-Ba is slang for ‘Come’ere’ in Korean. It’s witty, drole. It makes you chuckle.

WaBar was the first bar to really introduce the American style pub to Ulsan. The indoor-outdoor patios and folding windows for summer time, paired with self-brewed draft beers and a massive selection of foreign brands (even a North Korean beer) is what spurred WaBar to take over the city. After that, Brand name recognition did it’s job.

Why is ELC the most successful hagwon chain? Because it’s the best? or because it’s the biggest?


Since WaBar first opened, numerous copies have come along, including Trevi brauhaus in Samsandong. Lots of these new bars offer better, cheaper beer, better food and cosier atmosphere, but WaBar still stands as a well put-together package.


Personally, I find their 4000 won house draft awful, and would much rather drink Hite or Cass on tap. Their 7000 won pint of dark beer is FAR too overpriced, when Guinness or Hoegaarden can be found for less than 10 000. And the fact that they charge 18 000 won for the large can of Guinness is a crime.

But…Nothing beats having a beer on a patio on a hot summer night.

My recommendation is to only go to WaBar on the company card, as it’s far to overpriced. If you are looking for a night of drinking foreign beers outside, find a decent QuickieMart with a patio table and enjoy.