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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Weizen Brauhaus

Quite literally a hidden gem, Weizen Brauhaus is tucked (or buried) away in the heart of Mugeodong, near E-Homeplus. Though I’ve lived in Mugeodong for almost 4 years, I’ve somehow never heard of Weizen Brauhaus.


A German themed bar which brews it’s own beer. They currently have two drafts on tap, neither of which I actually can remember after, uh, sampling, them a few times. The bar itself would be a great place to have a Putsch. It’s absolutely massive, and could easily fit, an entire frisbee tournament


The menu is entirely in Korean, but the staff is incredibly friendly, and the beer is excellent. We ordered the humourous “Sexy Sausage” which turned out to be a 40 cm long, slightly boring, sausage. The menu was quite full of German and Korean food.


The lager was quite hoppy, similar to Hoegaarden, and the Dark beer was, well, excellent. The only problem was the price. Mugeodong, especially near the university, is a cheap neighbourhood. Living near the university has totally corrupted me, and made it impossible for me to spend more than 11 00o won on a pitcher of beer. At Weizen a pitcher costs 18 000 won for the home-made, hangover reducing beer.


This bar is difficult to find. From E-Homeplus you must walk away from Sinbok, following the neon lit street of nightclubs, bars and boshingtong restaurants (that’s dog soup to you newbs).  On the left hand side of the street, or more accurately, just off the left hand side of the street is a large sauna complex. Hidden away in the basement is the utterly massive Weizen Brauhaus.