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Traffic Violation Resulting in Accident

What should I do if I am involved in a traffic accident when the other driver violates a traffic law? What can I expect to occur regarding whose insurance pays what amount when a law is violated resulting in an accident? Generally, if the traffic offender has car insurance or reaches an agreement with the victim, he or she does not get punished criminally. Only if someone violates the 11 kinds of traffic major list (including traffic signal violation, driving over the centerline, violation of the speed limit, and so on) or has caused the accident and sped away, the traffic offender is criminally liable for the behavior. In addition, when the victim is killed by the accident, the traffic offender must be charged with an offense. When a car-accident is caused by violating the traffic-law, only the assailant is punished by the crime after investigating the cause of the accident by police officer. In this case, since both assailant’s and victim’s insurance company calculate and adjust the rate of mistake, the police do not intervene in that. In other words, the police take car of any violation and punishment, but compensation is still up to the insurance agreements made. As a foreigner (unregistered foreigner), when you are involved in a car accident, you have a right to receive compensation according to appropriate procedures. When a car accident occurs, you should stop driving and deliberately check the accident. If you identify any injured, immediately call 119 and perform emergency procedures if possible. Call 112 and report the exact location of the car accident. Indicate detailed information such as the number of the injured and the severity of the accident. Even if you do not make a report to the police, it is important that you ask the assailant to make a statement to the insurance company on the spot.