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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan


There are plenty of restaurants around Ulsan that attempt Western food, with varying degrees of success. B-Stove, next-door to the Lotte Hotel in Samsandong, is one restaurant that has done well.

The interior is bright and light, with minimal decorations and large floor-to-ceiling windows that create an airy atmosphere. I didn’t even notice the music, which is a nice change from having to shout over trance or K-pop on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They even have a spacious balcony, which is best enjoyed in spring and fall, and avoided during the meltingly hot weather of August.

Boccocino Sandwich

The menu has pasta, risotto, sandwiches and brunch sections. While I have yet to try the pasta or risotto, I have sampled most of the other dishes on offer, and am always left feeling stuffed full and happy.

The Boccocino  sandwiches are made with thick, whole-grain bread, and real bacon. Cut in four, they are held together with a sharpened chopstick thingy, or the towering height would topple. While the burger is not the best in the world, it is definitely one of the better in Ulsan. All three come on a plate piled high with fresh greens in a light Italian style dressing and French fries dusted with Parmesan cheese.


The brunch menu consists of either waffles topped with Haagen Daaz ice cream, or a pancake plate, complete with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and a giant helping of salad.

Mothers Burger


Most of the meals run about 13,000 won, and include a “dessert” which is actually a free coffee, tea or soft drink. During the week there are some lunchtime sets for 9000 won. The wait-staff all speak some English, and are friendly and helpful.

All in all, B-Stove is a great place for brunch, which is good, since it may be the only place in Ulsan that offers it.

B-Stove is behind the big Starbucks, across from the Lotte Hotel, and on the 2nd floor above Pho Ban in Samsandong.