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Bak Dae-Po: Sahm-Gyup… Steak!?

Too often as foreigners here in Ulsan, we opt for the cheapest possible option for Korean BBQ that we can find. Thinking that paying 3,500 won an order for thin slices of that delicious fatty pork we all know and love along with chunks of bone and gristle is the best way to go. However, I have had the rare opportunity to try a restaurant that is a little more on the pricey side but oh, was it worth it!

Bak Dae-Po is a new restaurant in the most unlikely of neighborhoods, NAM-WEI DONG (where?). A place that you probably never heard of unless you live there. It is located just down from the Jung-gu Home Plus and extremely near to Ulsan Online’s long time friends, Ulsan Auto Bike. Again, this isn’t a popular area at all in Ulsan, but the food is probably worth the trip.

Look at how think it is!!

What sets this place apart is the “Bak Steak” for 22, 000 won. Gasp! So expensive! Well not really… What you get, meat-wise, are 4 huge slabs of cartilage-free, lightly seared, and tastily spiced samgyupsal. What also comes is a huge bowl of some of the best Kimchi Chigae you’ll taste in your time here.

Another interesting note is that when you order beverages, you will receive a large metal “milkshake” cup full of your favorite fountain beverage. Yes, no more tiny bottles (no service either). Nope, you get icy cold goodness to wash down all 3 layers of fat along with your meat.

While the surroundings have the appearance of just your regular restaurant, the new hip features like the minimalist design and aluminum table settings breathe fresh air into the classic Korean BBQ restaurant without turning it into something that resembles a fake cafe where more money went into the decorations and the owners haircut than the food.

So, the next time you are getting your motorcycle fixed or being interrogated at the Jung-gu Police Station, head over to Bak Dae-po for some of the thickest samgyupsal you’ve ever seen!!

Where: Byeongyeong Sagori (just say this to the taxi driver) Look for the large Blue and white chimney and you’ll find it.

Hours: It opens rather late, around 4:30 pm ~ Late

Recommendation: Bak Steak (22,000 won)