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Bella di Notte


UPDATE #2:  Bella di Notte is back.  Ray has opened his shop again, this time in the more centrally located Samsandong.  I haven’t been to the new location  yet, but I’m sure it’s just as tasty and delicious as it was before.   Here’s a quick preview map of where the new location is:

Bella di Notte new location, in exciting, high-tech map mode

UPDATE: This restaurant closed in Fall of 2011. It is slated to reopen sometime in 2012 in another location

Guyeongli is home to another fabulous edition in Italian cuisine restaurants in Ulsan. Tucked into a back street just off the main drag, Bella di Notte (Italian for Beauty of Night) lives up to it’s name. Owner Ray speaks very good English and is happy to provide quality Italian food – minus the usual Korean (red pepper) flair – to his guests.

Boasting a wood-fired brick oven, Belle di Notte churns out some excellent thin crust pizzas. I visited on a weekday for lunch and had a delicious bowl of spaghetti with spinach and bacon in cream sauce. The lunch menu is more than reasonably priced with pastas dishes and pizzas under 10,000won. While I have yet to sample the dinner menu, I’m looking forward to sampling the steak, grilled fish and other delectable entrees. Belle di Notte also has a fairly decent wine selection should you wish to imbibe with your dinner.

The dining area is rather small, but cozy

Although the dining area is small, the tables are comfortable. A bar also provides seating in front of the kitchen area for those who enjoy watching their meal be prepared.

Restaurant owner Ray stands before his wood-fired brick oven and discusses his theory of fine Italian dining

To find Belle di Notte, check out the Ulju West map. Take the main street and go behind the Baskins Robbins one street and turn right. Bella di Notte is just across from the Lotteria and Indus bar (with the famous “Blue Brothers” on the front steps.)

Ray has plans to have a party once per month with specials to entice crowds. We’ll have more on that later.