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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Best of Ulsan – Coffee and Dessert

What dinner would be complete without a cup of coffee and dessert?  Our readers chose the best of the bunch in these categories and the results are both somewhat surprising and somewhat expected.

With so many coffee shops around town it wasn’t surprising at all to see the sheer number of coffee shops nominated. With so many to choose from, one can imagine that traveling far from one’s home or business for coffee is simply not done. Favorites therefore, fell along neighborhood lines and the coffee shops there in. It’s doubtful anyone from Mugeodong would travel to Dong-Gu for a cup o’  joe or vice-versa. Coffee is where you get it.  Having said that, however, there were some high votes, but no clear winner.  Here are the “winners” of the best coffee in Ulsan:

  • Starbucks – 11.6%
  • Angel-in-Us – 10%
  • Beans Bins  and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at 7% each
  • a great number of shops each at 2% or less each.

So, although Starbucks received more votes than any other coffee shop to say they are the best would be disingenuous.  With no clear majority, there can be no winner. Instead, proclaims the winner to be….Ulsan.  Just a few short years ago, there were NO coffee shops in the city. There were only coffee machines spewing out instant coffee and DaBangs, spewing out girls on scooters to delivery a thermos of instant coffee. Everybody wins because we have coffee.

Dessert however, is more clear cut.

In the Ice Cream category the winners are:

  • Baskin Robbins – the Best in Ulsan garnering 54.5% of the vote.
  • ColdStone Creamery – takes a distant 2nd place with 27% of the votes.

And in the Dessert category, no clear majority winner emerged.

Although it’s tough to declare a “Best Of Ulsan” winner without a majority but the big surprise  is Su Eun Go Cafe. Having only been in business for a month – since just about the time we began our Best of Poll – she’s captured 27% of the vote while the next most popular, Italian restaurant Bella di Notte was at 18%.  It will be interesting to see how well she does next year when a full year of feasting on her pies and pastries has made the citizens of Ulsan more fully aware of her special talents.

And finally, in the no-where-else-to-put-it category, is the Cat Cafe.  There are a few of these specialty restaurant/coffee shops in Ulsan and our readers have overwhelmingly chosen :

  • Romantic Cat Cafe – Best of Ulsan in the cat cafe category.  To get your love bank filled with all the furry felines you can feel, this is the place to be in Ulsan winning with 57% of the votes.