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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Best of Ulsan – Delivery/Take-out

Pizza and chicken, whether it’s take out or pickup. This is the fastfood category and not to be confused with sit down style restaurants that happens to serve chicken or pizza.

In just about every neighborhood in the city there are numerous delivery options. With so many options, it’s no wonder that our readers picked the best Pizza Delivery winners as follows:

  • Dominoes – 23% of our readers chose this as the best.
  • Mr. Pizza and Pizza Etang – both garnered 13.3% of the votes each
  • Pizza Palm – 10%
  • Pizza Maru – 6%
  • a smattering of others Pizza joints whose total votes amounted to over 50% of the total votes cast although none received more than 3% each.

Clear, no clear winner in the Pizza delivery category although some favorites have emerged.

In the Chicken Delivery category, results were equally scattered:

  • KyoCheon – received 19% of the votes.
  • GoobNae – 14.3%
  • BHC and Mexican – both outlets obtained 9.5% of the total
  • The other 48% of the votes were spread among a wide field, each getting a small percentage.

From these results, it seems clear that both Pizza and Chicken delivery is, like the best coffee poll, highly dependent on proximity. You’ll order from whoever is in your neighborhood.