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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Best of Ulsan – “Middle Earth”

Arabic, Middle Eastern, Indian is where “Middle Earth” cuisines arise.

With only a few restaurants in Ulsan of these categories, the tallying was simple and straight-forward.  And apparently, according to our readers, so are their choices. For the Indian/Pakistani variety of restaurants the winner is

  • Namaskar – voted the Best in Ulsan with a whopping 84% of the vote. Our readers did not specify, except in a single case, if the Samsandong or Shinae location was their preference.
  • Shalimar – a very distant second place with 12%. Shalimar is actually two distinct restaurants with different menus and owners, although the owners are brothers. Two distinct votes of the 12% went, one each to the Gottbawi Shalimar and Bangeojin Shalimar, the rest being unspecified as to which so we award both with an Honorable Mention.

In the Middle Eastern and Arabic styles, there are, again, just a few in the city. But our readers made their choices clear

  • Marhaban – a Moroccan restaurant and relatively newcomer to the Ulsan scene, was voted Best in Ulsan with 57%.  With just a few months in business, that’s pretty remarkable and a testament to the quality of food they serve.
  • White House Traditional Turkish Restaurant  – Honorable Mention with 35% of the vote.