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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Bocca Della Verita

Looking for authentic Italian Pizza? Well, this being Korea, that’s a tough order. But Bocca Della Verita in Mugeodong is likely the best and most authentic you’ll find in Ulsan.

Located just across from Ulsan University on the 2nd floor above the taxi stand, it’s actually easier to find by smell than sight. Walk with 15 meters of the restaurant and your nose will lead you right to it. I was meeting a friend there and as I walked toward the taxi stand from the university cross-walk I knew two things: a) I was getting  very close and b) lunch was going to be fabulous. There’s nothing quite like the aroma of fresh pizza being baked. My mouth began to water with each step closer to the restaurant.

Complete with a real brick oven, the pizzas come out crispy and flaky. Although I’d prefer my crust just a tad thicker, the taste and consistency is everything one could want in a pizza and has none of the bread-y blandness of a typical franchise or delivery pizzeria.

We ordered the Gorgonzola pizza – a cheese and fresh garlic white pizza with a small side dish of honey for dipping. I was skeptical of the honey, but it was truly delicious and a wonderful combination with the smooth, flavorful cheese and pungent garlic. An awesome choice.

Gorgonzola Pizza

We also ordered the Diavola pizza, a tomato sauce and pepperoni pizza with bell peppers. No imitation pepperoni on this pie – it was the real thing. The cheese was as it should be – smooth and stringy when pulled from a hot pie. This pizza has just a hint of red pepper, which one must come to expect in Korea. It was the only thing that detracted from the otherwise completely authentic Italian style pizza. Our pizzas were 12,000 won each – more expensive than a delivery or pick up pizza joint, but then those aren’t real pizza joints in my book – those are just gut bombs on a motorbike.

Diavola Pizza

The two proprietors, a husband and wife team, were very pleasant and can speak a moderate amount of English – at least sufficient for ordering for most people here. Legend has it that the husband spent time studying his craft in Italy and then brought back his knowledge to make  his own pizzeria.

The pasta menu looked plentiful and I now have cravings to go back and try several. A few guests at the table adjacent to us had a helping of red sauce with clams over spaghetti that looked awesome.

If you’re looking for a quick delivery of cheap fast-food pizza at home this is NOT the place. This is strictly a sit-down restaurant and is worth every won you’ll pay for their (nearly) authentic style and taste.