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Cafe La Nuit: The Best Steak and a Touch of Class

(Editors Note: May 2013 – Cafe la Nuit continues to offer incredible steak in a classy atmosphere, but there are updates to the menu. While the steak will always remain the key feature, the chef is now changing the offerings of soups, salads, pastas and desserts on a monthly basis. A full 5-course meal costs 65,000 won, which seems expensive in Korea, but is well worth the price tag. When Dr. Im introduced me to the new offerings recently, every mouthful was heavenly, from the amuse-bouche offered before the meal, to the wild-strawberry tiramisu at the end. You can also order a la carte, if you prefer to spend less than 3 hours over dinner, or can’t eat 5 courses.  Please remember, reservations are necessary (please book at least one day in advance), as they order the meat, and prepare all of the food fresh each day. 052-258-9497)

+++++ Original Review+++++

Ulsan legend known to most as “Dr. Im” has added to his already impressive resume with his latest venture, Cafe la Nuit, an elegant yet comfortable  fine dining establishment tucked away on a side street in Samsandong.


On the evening that I was invited there to try this restaurant for the first time, I was met warmly by the good doctor and shown into his stylish, yet comfortable establishment. Upon entering you immediately feel a touch of class and the time just seems to melt away.


For me, this was a great experience for not only the food but for the experience of eating in a place that felt authentic. Not in the way that they were trying to reinvent a classic french cafe or anything but in the way that it just felt so natural. Think the complete opposite of a place like Outback.

You could feel Dr. Im’s dreams come true once the food started to arrive. It was top quality all the way through. If you are a steak lover then this is a place that you should not miss out on for all of his steaks are butchered the very day that you order them. Thus making a reservation is a must.


The chefs at Cafe la Nuit are as interesting as they are talented. Both hailing from Korea, they have a mix of styles and experience. The steaks and pasta taste amazing! Now, if you are thinking that this is going to cost you an arm and a leg, think again.

Dishes start at around 12,000 won for a delicious green salad and go up to 43,000 won for the premium Korean streak. If you compare that to 90,000 won steak that I saw at VIPS the other night, then I would say that the prices are reasonable.

The wine list has both French and Spanish wines and again are reasonably priced between 22,000 won and 45,000 won.  You’ll spend more than your average night at a galbi-jib but you will most likely eat the best steak in the city.

The house specialty  is steak and what better to go with steak then wine. Both chefs are trained sommelier(s) and have carefully chosen a great wine list for you to choose from. That means that you are always going to get the perfect wine pairing with your meal. If you have a bottle kicking around home, don’t be shy. You can bring it with you and open it up free of charge!


One should not pass up the pasta either. If a thick cut of the best steak that you’ll ever eat, is not up to your liking, then how about a bowl the most delicious pasta you’ll ever have?


Everything in Cafe la Nuit is quality and made to perfection. After having so much good food and really not wanting to leave the comfortable atmosphere at all, I was served a cup of cafe luwak. Yes, that is right! a cup of the fabled “world’s most expensive coffee” made  from the belly of an idonesian toddy cat or “civet” It was the perfect way to end the evening. Espresso is also available.

Desert: homemade yogurt in a tomato with a cream base

Be it the amazing stories from Dr. Im or the amazing surroundings, I must admit, I felt like I was at home. You will too, as that is one of the goals of Cafe la Nuit is to create a sense of home.


Cafe la Nuit is located in Samsan Dong just off of the infamous “Hogwan Street” that would be the major road running  about a few blocks down from Hyundai department store.

The best way to get to Cafe la Nuit is to find Hivel Hogwan/YES hogwan and cross the street towards the Ja-yeon Dream Co-op. Walk past it to the next little intersection and take a left. You immediately see the bright yellow awning. That is the Cafe la Nuit. (Location available on the Drinking and Dining Map, or the Interactive Map)

For Reservations Please Call 052-258-9497

**Closed on Sundays**