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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Cafe Melrose

title-shotSu Eun Go’s bakery made waves in Ulsan for having the best pie in Ulsan. Now she has moved to Ok-dong and has rebranded her bakery as “Cafe Melrose” Located near the East gate of Ulsan Grand Park, Cafe Melrose is perfect place to start a picnic in the park.


If you are like me, then you don’t care how pretty a cafe or pie looks, just as long as to tastes great. Cafe Melrose serves up some great looking and great tasting pies. For me, it is almost better than homemade as I don’t think that I could ever make anything this tasty.


For most of my restaurant reviews, I bring my wife along as she can quickly point out what is good and what is bad. Myself, if it has cheese, bacon or even remotely resembles something from home, I love it. However, watching my wife take her first bite after hearing her repeatedly state “I don’t like pies” was priceless. She was blown away by how good they were.


Cafe Melrose at the moment is a take-out style cafe with outdoor seating. While the current space is small, it is only temporary. They are planning to move into the basement of the current building in time. At the moment, the cafe is perfect because with the warm weather you can grab your pie and coffee and head straight to the park. Nothing could be better.


Cafe Melrose offers different pies and goodies all baked fresh and not a sweet potato or cherry tomato to been seen. I highly recommend the key lime pie as it is to die for. This is one of those places that is perfect for a great day out.


The cafe is now located in Ok-Dong on the main street.  If you are heading up from Gonguptap rotary, it’s just past the LG Supermarket. It’s on your left next the the Chevrolet dealership. You will see the yellow coffee cup and the cafe is next to it.