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Cafe Renew


With the wave of cheap coffee shops popping up all over the city, it is no surprise that quality is being swapped out for quantity. However, there is one cafe that opened up recently that is sticking to their guns and making some great coffee.

Cafe Renew is located near Up Square in Samsandong and is worthy of a visit. Their coffee is expertly prepared by top baristas who make an effort to create and atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. This includes English-speaking staff who go out of their way to explain menu items and give suggestions.

One of their signature drinks is the “Dutch Vienna” which at the time was only included on the Korean menu. However, you can ask for it in English anyway. They are still updating their English menu.

The Dutch Vienna

The Dutch Vienna

At any rate, the Dutch Vienna will knock your socks off! Being a trained barista myself, I am a purist when it comes to most coffee. Typically, I steer away from coffee drinks that have a lot of milk in them. This drink however, really impressed me. The smooth flavour of the dutch coffee really comes out and the cream that is poured on top is like nectar of the Gods! It is seriously that good.


I have also tried their americano and drip coffee and their skills have shown through. Again, this is not a 1,500 won americano! What you are getting here is a well-made cup of great coffee. Thus, the price will reflect that.

Their attention to detail also shows in the design of their cafe. It is tastefully decorated and very relaxed. Sadly, it does get pretty busy and thus you might have a hard time finding a place to sit on the weekend.

Cafe Renew is a great place for great coffee. Take some time and try their Dutch Vienna if you are looking for something a little different.

  • 울산광역시 남구 돋질로306번길 25
  • Ulsan, Korea
Located just around the corner from that new building that just went up by Up Square.

Located just around the corner from that new building that just went up by Up Square.