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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

**CLOSED** Flapjack Pantry


Ulsan has been getting a lot of great restaurants over the past few years but one area that seems to be lacking is the brunch-style restaurants. While these restaurants have been popular for years in Seoul, they have yet to trickle down this way. While there are “brunch cafes” most have no idea what a good brunch is besides including an egg and some premixed salads from Costco covered with balsamic dressing.


So when I saw a post on our facebook page about a decent brunch place, my interest peaked. Part of me hoped for copious amounts of coffee and piles of fluffy pancakes. The part of me also hoped that it was NOT like the last place that I went to where there was nothing even remotely resembling brunch. However, the pics that I saw already had me drooling.


Flapjack Pantry is a chain based out of Seoul I believe and you can certainly tell that by walking into this small restaurant. It is relaxed and not blasting Kpop or random English Christmas songs. Sitting down you start to feel that you are almost not in Ulsan anymore. The restaurant faces a small park and the design of the building directs your attention more to the surrounding nature than the street or the apartments.   A nice touch are the picnic tables outside which you can enjoy your meal from as well.


Sitting down, my wife and I took a look at the menu and were a little shocked by the price of the dishes. The average dish was between 13,000 – 15,000 won or so and heading up to 20,000 won. However, coffee is included and the portion sizes are massive. A single “flapjack” dish (breakfast with 2 large pancakes) could easily satisfy 2 people.


The waitress was extremely helpful and let us know that we would be better off not ordering two dishes that came with pancakes as it would be too much food for us. We were happy with her advice when our dishes came out. It was a ton of food!

We decided to try their “Burger Pantry” for 14,900 won and the “Philly Flapjack” for 15,900 won.  The Burger was very delicious despite having a hashbrown patty in it. The burger patty was really juicy! With the cheese and bacon, you don’t even notice the hashbrown patty although I would say that the crispy texture did add another dimension to the burger.


The Burger Pantry

The Burger Pantry was a lot of food! The burger was a decent size and it came with a healthy pile of potato wedges, soup, salad, a fried egg and a thick slab of pork belly (a.k.a. bacon steak). This also came with coffee included in the price.

The Philly Flapjack was also amazing. While a little heavy on the onions it was like having a philly cheesesteak on a plate with a side of pancakes. It was some seriously good eats. It was loaded with meat, peppers, onions and cheese. The pancakes were as massive as they were fluffy and delicious. I am not one to leave great food unfinished but this was simply too much. For the price that you pay, you do get a lot. While dropping this much money on brunch may not make it a regular weekend spot, it will certainly be a place where I will go when I get a craving for something delicious.


The “Philly” part of the philly flapjack. Comes with 2 huge pancakes.

While lacking a simple bacon and egg dish it does have what they call an “English Breakfast” for 13,900 won. Which includes bacon, handmade sausage, baked beans, tomato, a fried egg, a pancake, hash browns, coffee and a slice of pineapple. That certainly covers all the bases for me and I may investigate this further next time. They also have kids dishes which the young ones in the restaurant seemed to enjoy.


One of the nice things about this place was that despite the place filling up, the service was quick and attentive. The food came out in a timely manner and that was amazing because I thought for sure we’d have to wait given the fact that they took about 5 orders at the same time.

All in all, this is one of the best brunches that I have had in Ulsan. They offer a wide variety of pancakes as well as delicious looking burgers and sandwiches. There is certainly something for everyone.

flapjack map

Flapjack Pantry is located near the Lotte Mart in Daldong, just behind Cheongsol Elementary School. To get there, simply head to the Daldong Lotte Mart and walk behind it and you will see the little park and elementary school.

The best bus stop to get off at is the Lotte Mart bus stop and most buses head to Samsanndong will stop there. Please check our bus by destination link for the best bus to take. Just type in Lotte Mart and it will give you a list of options.

Here is the address: 울산, 남구 달동 1407-2 Phone: 052-266-0168 Hours: 10:30 am to 10:00 pm (last order at 9 pm)