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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Goh-bong Min Kimbap: The Best Kimbap in Ulsan


Let’s face it many people don’t touch kimbap unless they offered it by a kind co-worker or it is the only thing available at the time. For most foreigners, it is more of a snack than a meal. However, I have found a place that will knock your socks off! Still may be just a snack but a damn good one at that.

Kimbap places are everywhere and let’s face it, they are pretty hard to tell apart. They off the same menu, many are open 24 hours a day and are pretty much on the cheap side. So what makes Goh-bong Min so good?

Tonggas Kimbap!



Many of us are partial to the breaded pork cutlet and will chow down for cheap as it is offered in most places around town and is not trying to jump off your plate. However, when it is rolled into some Kimbap, it is fantastic! This combination is an unusual one but once you try it, you’ll love it.

Goh-bong Min is the first kimbap place that I have found in Ulsan that actually takes a creative approach to their kimbap selection. With choices such as tonggas, breaded shrimp, and Ddalk-galbi kimbap you will be amazed at the flavour of a normally uninteresting meal choice. For those who can handle a bit of spice, try their “may-un” or spicy kimbap, it really packs a punch!



Goh-bong Min Kimbap is a growing chain that is quickly establishing itself across the city.  The have locations in Samsan-dong, Ok-dong, Shinjeong-dong (near Gonguptap Rotary). There are most likely others out there but these are the ones that I know for sure exist.

The busiest of all the locations that I know of is the Samsan-dong location. For a small kimbap shop, it is the first one that it is actually recommended to order ahead. It is also the first Kimbap shop that I have ever seen taking reservations!


To Get There

Samsan-dong: Head down from Hyundai Department store, past Frau-medi Hospital and keep going until you are in front of the Log-cabin Angel-in-Us. Cross the street and head towards the river. Goh-bong Min is just a few places down.



Ok-dong: First locate the Baskin Robins, which is on the main street. Just walk back a few shops along the side street and it is right there. It is quite close to the newly found bread shop as well.



Shinjeong-dong: On the main street heading up from the Lotte-mart towards Gonguptap Rotary, it is just down from the Starbucks and on the same side.



Insiders Tip

If you want to get your Kimbap and go, get your Korean friend or Co-teacher to order ahead of time for you. Simply showing, especially during lunch time will be a headache waiting to happen as they are extremely busy.