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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Grappa, One of the best Italian Restaurants I’ve ever been.


This place is located near Guam(구암문구) and maybe its too small to be known. But they provide really good dishes.

It is being run by husband and wife who majored in Italian cooking. I assume that’s why the pizza cooked in fire pot was fantastic…

The cream pasta was not really well salted, so I asked them to cook it again.

They, of course, did my favor and explained what happened. They said ‘It has lots of sea foods and they are so juicy.’

Once they cooked it again, It became the most delicious pasta I’ve ever had.

The most delicious pasta I’ve ever had. Because there was no cheese at all but only cream in it.

When we go to Italian restaurants and order cream pasta, we’ve used to get cream chesse pasta which is not really cream pasta.

I’ve been always complaining, and I finally found the pasta with only cream!

Owners are really kind to people, so you can ask whatever you want to them.

Likewise, getting dishes to be more cooked(like I did), putting cheese in pasta.

I don’t think the owners are really good at English but they said they studied cooking in Europe for a few years.

So I assume that they can at least understand simple things like those.

I think there are many foreigners having problems with Korean foods.

We’ve already had the Italian Restaurant nominated the best Restaurant in Ulsan by Ulsanities.

But lots of new places are still coming up and I recommend here.


To get there!

Just come to Hyundai department store by bus, taxi.. whatever.

Then you will be able to find 8seconds which is also old-Mcdonald’s place.

Then cross the road to KFC and walk along the street with KFC and Guam(구암) being on your left

If you walk that way for about 3minutes, you can see Grappa on your left.