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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Namaskar: Now in 3 Locations in Ulsan!

If you enjoy Indian food, and have been in Ulsan for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with Namaskar. The friendly staff, the Bollywood music videos, and the delicious curries have made both the original Seongnamdong (so good it got two reviews) and newer Samsandong locations popular among Koreans and expats alike. And now, you can enjoy your chicken tikka right next to Ilsan Beach! (there are also locations in Pohang and Wonju if you’re out exploring the country and need a curry-fix)

The newest Namaskar location is bright and open, with the special decorative touches that help you to enjoy a more authentic dining experience.

The circular booths provide a more social seating arrangements for bigger groups:

Excellent people-watching seats overlook the busy street below:

All branches of Namaskar can be contacted at the numbers below:

Ilsan Beach location 957-12 , – 052-235-0222 or 010-5152-7805 (Donggu, Ilsandong 957-12 3F)

Seongnamdong – (010) 2806-3733  – (Junggu, Seongnamdong, 219-129, 2F) – This location also has a delivery service – (if you live in, say, Mugeodong, you’ll have to pay an extra fee) Mon-Fri 11:30-7:30, Sat and Sun 11:30 – 6pm

Samsandong – 010-3802-7805 or 052-261-3362 (Namgu, Samsandong 1478-7, 2F)

Pohang – 010-8580-1932 or 054-275-1932 (Pohang Namgu, Daejamdong 463-12, 2F)

Wonju – 010-9373-0930 or 033-904-0790 (Gangwondo, Wonju-si, Ilsandong 52-16 2F)



There’s a Namaskar restaurant near you!