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Pasta Buono

If cheap Italian food is what you’re craving then Pasta Buono in Mugeodong is the place to go. It is located on the main walking street, across from the university, in Mugeodong and situated between Purple Haze and Coldstone. Instead of the fake plastic food outside each restaurant indicating only some of the food the restaurant serves, this place has a sign that most foreigners are more familiar with.

They have a nice selection of clam pasta dishes which are Vongole Spaghetti, Vongole Cream Spaghetti, Vongole Cream Bulgogi Spaghetti, Vongole Bulgogi Spaghetti, Vongole Chicken Cream Spaghetti, and Seafood Cream Spaghetti. Vongole doesn’t seem to be in short supply at this restaurant. For those red sauce spaghetti lovers, they have Seafood Tomato Spaghetti, Chicken Tomato Spaghetti, Bacon Tomato Spaghetti, and Chicken Tomato Hot Spaghetti. No Italian restaurant would be complete without pizza (but don’t expect anything Western about these pizzas) so to satisfy that craving patrons can order Potato Chicken Bulgogi Pizza, King Crab Seafood Pizza, King Crab Salad Pizza, Hot Chicken Bulgogi Pizza, and Sweet Bacon Pizza. For those wishing to watch their figure, a couple of salads are also on the menu: King Crab Salad and Chicken Salad. Now you can imagine my surprise when I came across garlic bread on the menu! It looked so delicious on the menu and I have to admit I had rather high hopes when I ordered it.

So we ordered the Chicken Tomato Spaghetti, Bacon Tomato Spaghetti, and Garlic Bread. Surprisingly, drinks were free and after going to the pop dispenser (or coke dispenser in Oklahoma terms) and bringing back a very flat Pepsi, I can see why it was free. Blah! The food was decent, the sauce was very tomato-y and lacking in herbs but overall not bad. As far as the garlic bread goes, it was a flop. Maybe I was expecting too much but nonetheless I can’t think of one good thing to say about it other than it was crunchy. Basically is was thin, sweet, crunchy buttered toast. It’s something I probably wouldn’t order again, although on the way out the door, I was given a free coupon for an order of garlic bread. So maybe next time I’ll use it as a scooper as I shovel the pasta into my mouth.

As I mentioned before, the restaurant was cheap. The average cost of a plate of spaghetti was 6,000 won. So our total for lunch was only 13,000 won. Not too bad when you really have a craving for some spaghetti or are looking to take someone out on a cheap date. My ranking as far as decor, food, and price is 3.5 stars (out of 5). A big advantage to the location is that its close to Coldstone, so you can head over there afterward to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are some pictures of the restaurant.