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Pommes Frites – French fries done right.

It’s easy to write a restaurant review for a place that only has one thing on the menu, and it’s even easier when that one thing is French Fries. Pommes Frites is the newest restaurant to open in Mugeodong and their simple menu promises one thing. Excellent fries.

The prices at Pommes Frites are more than reasonable, and the portions that they serve are more than adequate. Each order comes with a choice of 10 different sauces including the classics like jalapeño cheddar dipping sauce, sweet chili, and creamy garlic dipping sauce. Additional sauces will set you back just 500 won, so it is worth trying two or three. Prices start at 3,500 won for a small order of fries, a medium costs 4,500 and if you have a big appetite, a large order of fries at 6,000 will probably suffice. You won’t be eating fries that were previously cooked and stored under a heat lamp at Pommes Frites, as the potatoes are freshly cut in the restaurant, and are deep fried after ordering. Fries are served in a paper cone, which makes them easy to carry with you for take-out and fits nicely into tables specially designed to hold them if you decide to stay in the restaurant for a drink or two.

On top of great fries, Pommes Frites has great prices on drinks as well. With Budweiser beer costing just 3,000 won (that’s the same price as apple juice), and a pint of Cass Draught at just 2,000 won you can enjoy a large order of fries and two pints of beer for 10,000 won. Other imported beers are more consistently priced with other places in town, with Heineken and Hoegaarden costing 5,000 won. If you’re looking for a great taste of home without breaking the bank, Pommes Frites is definitely the place to go.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is great; though it is a little small on the inside it’s also warm and welcoming. It’s not the kind of place that you stay for hours, drinking with friends and catching up on the week, but it’s certainly the kind of place where you can enjoy a conversation and a couple of drinks before heading to one of the other drinking establishments Mugeodong has to offer. The employees at Pommes Frites speak great English and were able to explain their whole menu to us including the different options for sizes, drinks and sauces. The music they played was a slightly odd mix of English songs ranging from soul, to folk and even pop music.

Pommes Frites is located in Mugeodong, just across the street from Noodlebox. If you take the bus simply get off at the university bus stop and head away from Shinbok Rotary. Take a left down the street AFTER the street with a Baskin Robbins and you’ll see Pommes Frites on the left hand side. Alternatively, if you can find Beans Bins across the street from the University in Mugeodong, then Pommes Frites is located right behind it.