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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Seattle Espresso

Seattle Espresso is one of those shops that could largely go unnoticed to most of the readers here, if you don’t live around the KBS Hall area. However, it is a great little cafe to head when you are in need of some down time and want to get away from the crowds of people in Sam-san-dong who can’t kept their voice down, or the groups of university students in Mugeo-dong that have the same volume affliction but in a much whinier tone. This cafe has style and is quiet.

One of the first things that you will notice is the comfortable interior. The smokers are segregated in a separate room and that eliminates much of the noise. The cafe has some very comfortable chairs along the window-side and long bench at the back of the cafe. During the summer, this place is going to be great because they appear to have a small area to sit out side. The interior is covered in dark would and give a more comfortable appearance than… plastic.

The coffee is made well, although more care needs to be take during the extraction of their espresso as I have yet to get a good one from them. However, they offer a wide variety of beverages and snackable foods. Recently they had a decent offer, where you could get a coffee and a baked good (including bagels) for around 7,000 won. Not bad, compared to the prices that I was charging in my cafe in Vancouver.

If you are looking for a comfortable and quite cafe, Seattle Espresso is a great choice. It is easy to find as it is located across from a major landmark (KBS Hall) and in one of the new apartment buildings on the main street. I have also found that it has reliable internet (without having to give up your alien registration number). For all those looking to study or plan some lessons, this is a great place.