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SeBurger: Cali-Style Burgers in Mugeo-Dong

It’s been a few years since we have had a decent all around burger place in Ulsan. There are places to get a decent burger at the local bars and they are tasty, but when you want a burger for lunch on a Tuesday, you need at solid no frills burger joint. In Korea, these are very hard to come by.

Years ago, we had one place that successfully emulated the famous In-N-Out burgers. Sadly, they faded away and the shop is now a noodle place. However, one place in Mugeo-Dong, has managed to create an amazing burger that tastes great and does NOT come dripping with sweet chili sauce and costs 18,000 won. That place is SeBurger.

I have wondered about this place for a few years. Typically, I shy away from the “handmade burgers” because of the sugar-high that you get from the 1L of sweet chili sauce and whatever else has been added to the burger to make a savory food sickeningly sweet. However, after getting tired of fast-food burgers, I decided to try SeBurger and see if it lived up to the 5-star reviews on Naver.

A Taste of Home

Upon entering, the place looked like an actual american-style diner. Red and white tiled walls and a ketchup pumping station. This is rare in Korea as they typically give you two small packets of ketchup. Here, you can fill your cup up just like back home. The only thing off-putting was the thumping hip hop which was a little too loud for a place like this.

I went with the standard double cheeseburger set with a milkshake. The total came out to about 9,700 won and that was surprisingly cheap compared to many so-called burger places that charge an arm and a leg for a crappy over cooked burger on a stale bun.I was warned about the time as some had said that it took a while. My order was ready in about 12 minutes or so. Not really that bad, to be honest.

The taste was just like back home and absolutely delicious. Nothing too crazy and just enough seasoning to make the burger tasty but not salty. The milkshake was simple and again, very tasty. Everything was just as it should be for a burger place.  It was simple and delicious. This is what I really liked about Seburger. They were not trying to be overly fancy. They just make good burgers.

Overall, this was a great burger experience. I certainly have missed this type of burger for a while and at the price point, I certainly will be going back regularly. They did advertise fresh potatoes for their fries but on the day that I went they looked like every other frozen french fry out there. I am not judging too harshly here as with the era of COVID-19 things like this can be easily overlooked.

If you are looking for a fresh In-N-Out style Burger then Seburger is your place. It’s located in Mugeo-dong just down from the main strip, a few buildings down from the Lotteria. Coming from the opposite side, if you are at the intersection with Ok-Hyun Elementary School at your back. Just walk up the street past Raracost and you will see the white building on your right.

Address: Link on Kakao Map (it show the map and relevant bus info)

Korean Address: 울산 남구 대학로84번길 11 1층   

Hours: 11 am to 10 pm

The Owner speaks excellent English but the part-time workers might not.