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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Shinsa Garden: Ulsan’s Secret Garden


Words and Photos by Melissa Lang

Hip and refreshing. Those are sentiments that come over you when you step inside the Sinsa Garden restaurant. It feels like a little dining oasis tucked within a quiet side street.

Since it has opened 3 months ago. The fresh interior of Sinsa Garden has a modern but natural aesthetic. The organic look and feel is unlike any restaurant that I’ve come across in Ulsan during the 2 and half years been here.


You can immediately tell that the owner paid very careful attention to detail of this place. Moss peeks through the crevices of birch inspired walls as wooden planks hover on the ceiling of the bar. Retro lampshade lights dangle over the tables. Natural and modern appearances evidently mesh well together in the restaurant’s interior. You really do feel like you are in a garden and a restaurant at the same time.

interior decor

“Sinsa means gentleman”, the owner said. He said his concept is a garden party, which everyone is invited to, with the gentleman serving their partygoers. He was extremely friendly and welcoming, and eagerly agreeing to make an English menu for foreigners. He encourages more foreigners to come so be prepared to haul out your Hangul skills for the time being.


They specialize in handcrafted beer made on the premises which I haven’t seen a lot of in Ulsan, and grilled meats. The presentations of the dishes were just as appealing as the décor. Their salads were crisp and colorful with abundant fruit, and the beef and pork dishes were generous, well enough for 2. They also have cheese fondue and bread, which was pretty decent and would get again if given the chance. Overall, while not the cheapest, the quality and proportion of the food is definitely worth it.

main dish

Sinsa Garden is located in Daldong . They are about a 10-minute walk from Good Morning Hospital. Sinsa Garden is no longer a secret garden to foreigners anymore and definitely lived up to its name. So what are you waiting for? Get reacquainted with some modern nature, it’s the perfect escape.



Ulsan, Namgu Daldong 138-2 bonji 1 choong jeon kwan

울산 남구 달동 138-2번지 1층 전관

For Reservations

010-4562-2662 (best to use a Korean speaker)

Melissa Lang is a free Canadian spirit with a passion to write, immersing into another culture, and chronicling her experiences on the other side of the world.  You can read more of her observations of South Korean life on her blog ‘Slice of Kimchi’.