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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

The Best Bakeries in Ulsan


Bakeries are nothing new in Ulsan. However, when it comes to good bakeries that cater to a western palette is something altogether different. However, good news is on the way as there are a number “hidden gems” located around the city that will satisfy your bread carvings once and for all.



Located in Guyeongri, near the KEB bank, at the edge of the main shopping area by the parking garage. This has to be one of the more authentic french bakeries in Ulsan.


While their actual “artesian bread”  section maybe a little limited, there are tons of great pastries and goodies to try. From macaroons to beautiful cakes. There is something here to fill your belly and make you happy.


Rencontre is run by one of Korea’s master bakers, who has trained in France and that shows a lot in his breads and pastries.


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Bread 창

Located in Ok-Dong, near the Baskin Robins and next to the Venti Coffee. This small shop has some amazing bread. With less focus on pastries and goodies, this little bakery has some great bread and baked goods.

bread chang

Once you walk in, head straight in to get to the bread. Without a doubt you will get some great samples. While some of the labels maybe in Korean just ask, as the counter staff is able to speak some English.



Bread Oak

Located in Samsandong, near the back of the open parking lot (away from Hyundai Department Store) and next to the by the GS 25. This neat-looking bakery has a lot of sugar-free and wheat flour free options.


While this place does lean a little more towards the typical Korean-style bakery, they do bake rye bread fresh every day around 12 pm. Just ask at the counter and they will let you know when their next batch is ready.



Sim Sang Yeol Bakery

Located in Bageojin, just behind the Hyundai Beach Apartments (105 dong) in Gotbowi. This has been one of the more well-known western-style bakeries in Ulsan.


If you are looking for real bread from European rye bread to ciabatta, they have it. Although it maybe a little tricky to find, this bakery is great. They are well known in the area and it is because they offer homemade bread that many of us miss from back home.



Other Options

OPPS Bakery in Lotte Department Store

While many of the bakeries in departments stores around the area are nothing more than pretty/expensive versions of what can be found at your local paris baguette. However, places like OPPS have tons of great bread that is more suitable to a picky expat.


While some may turn their noses up at this option but to be honest, if you want regular bread then you have to consider this. While most of the places listed have fresh-baked bread, they are smaller and a tad on the pricy side. Costco sells rye bread and roman meal bread in bulk. For families that love sandwiches or just like to have toast every day then this is the better option in my opinion.