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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

The Penis Cafe

The Front Entrance, complete with owner and oversized penis carving

Sometimes, it’s not about what they serve, but rather how – or where – they serve it. We seem to have developed a taste for coffee here at UlsanOnline and have a plenitude of reviews of them. The Penis cafe, however, is quite a bit different than the others we’ve reviewed. There’s no mistaking the name for a Korean misspelling – from the parking lot onwards its largely (no pun intended) about the penis.

Situated in the far northwest corner of Ulsan past the outskirts of Guyeongli, the Penis Cafe is all ambience. And despite the name, it’s not all about the penis. A fecundity of female anatomy adorns the cafe as well, although just like the real thing, you have to look a little closer to find them.  Whether it’s on the chairs, in the gardens, on the statues, along the shelves or tucked away in the deep recesses of the numerous nooks (again, no pun intended) and crannies of the place, human genitalia abounds. Click on a picture for a larger view.

Interior gardens and water features creatively include anatomical features

Not to be outdone by the pervasive male genitals, the female genitals are plentiful although somewhat more subtle

the author takes a rest on one of the many chairs adorned with art

The parking lot attendant seemed quite happy to see us

Included in the price of your beverage, is a self-guided tour of the facility, which resembles more a museum than a cafe. Downstairs are numerous rooms with carved wood penises, penis flower pots, erotic art, continuous movie clips and cozy rooms where amorous couple might further enjoy the atmosphere.  But that’s not all. Outside is a garden of plenty with erotic statues, video shacks (both for watching and recording) and, one supposes, love shacks.

These things just seemed to grow everywhere in their gardens

Among the many interesting play areas downstairs, Ryan Hitch plays make-believe

The video shack, ready to record your rousing romantic moves in the garden

Owner 쩡정섭 says when asked why he created such a tribute to people’s naughty bits, he merely replies “그냥” and smiles. Were in not for the refreshments offered in the front, one could be forgiven for  mistaking the Penis Cafe for a speak easy of the velvet variety.  In some ways, the cafe has more the look and feel (again, no pun) of a quiet sexy place to take a date.

Penis Cafe owner 정정섭 is happy to show off his creations

To get to Penis Cafe, it’s not hard (no pun intended). Take Highway 24 out from Mugeodong and follow the signs for Seonbawi. Go past Seonbawi about 3 km and just before the 지지워터피아 waterpark at the top of the mountain is the Penis Cafe on the right. Alternatively, one can take bus 802 out to the area.