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**CLOSED** Tool Box Revisited

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We don’t often go back to the same restaurant to review it again (old review here)  but when I heard that a great restaurant was about to close it’s doors for good, I had to jump into action. Good restaurants like Toolbox don’t come around that often and when they do, we have to do our best to make sure they stick around. We have a great thing going in Ulsan and I certainly don’t want to see a place that serves great food go out of business.

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What makes this place great is the care that goes into each burger. These are not mass produced “lip-and-butthole” burgers! These are the real deal! The burgers and sandwiches are delicious and always fresh. I cannot express how awesome the Bacon Cheeseburger is. They have a full menu of mouth-wateringly good selections and guaranteed there is something to please almost everyone.

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After so many burger places popped up a few years ago, I was extremely worried that “burgers” would morph into what “pizza” has become here in Korea. By that I mean, that it roughly resembles a familiar food but what it’s filled with is an abomination. However, Toolbox has stuck to it’s roots by making delicious burgers minus the sweet pickles, strawberry jam, and sweet potato. Instead you will find words like “Bacon” “Chili” and “Cheese” on the menu. toolbox (8 of 11)

There are some people that may need a little more of a push to get them through the door. Here is your “shove” The Thursday Special: 1 Bacon Cheeseburger, Fries and a Beer for 10,000 won!!!!! You can’t beat that price and the burger is freakin’ amazing.  If there is one day a week that you should eat out in old downtown it’s Thursday.

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Finally, if you think that I am talking this place up for a reason, you are right. I want toolbox to stay in business. Too often we get some great restaurants that struggle to stay open. Back when I first came here, we had to go to Haeundae to get a decent burger. Here we have a place that is well known here in Ulsan and also in Busan. However, if we don’t support places like this we will soon be left eating the big mac set-uh while getting laughed at by middle school kids.

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Toolbox is located on the same street as a growing number of popular restaurants and galleries. It definitely should not be overlooked. If you walk a block up from Shigaetop and turn left it is just about a block and a half down. Just one building past “JJ’s Alley”