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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan


You wont find a Korean or English spelling of the name

UPDATE: MARCH 2013 – it appears the Samsandong location has closed. Try the Seongnamdong location – on the Shinae walking street, at the end furthest from the New Core Outlet, 2nd floor, near the Hollywood Seaman’s Club.


If you’re keen for a bit of Fukuoka but don’t have the time or cash to get there, you might be able to satisfy your palate with a trip to Wakuwaku. Tucked away and nearly hidden in a 2nd floor loft in Samsandong, Wakuwaku has some tasty delicacies that, while somewhat Korean-ized, are delicious and reminiscent of Japan.

Yakatori and grilled vegetables

We had the “set” meal, which consisted of Fukuoka-style ramen along with a large assortment of yakatori (grilled chicken skewers),  grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus, tomatoes and quail eggs. I personally love just about any grilled food, but wrap something in bacon (even if it is simply Korean-style samgyeopsal) and throw it over a fire and I’m in heaven.

The ramen was awesome and I felt as if I were back in Fukuoka slurping up noodles with bits of fatty pork.  Wakuwaku has a nice touch for their Korean customers and have bottles of 고추가루 (crushed red pepper) on each table, but they are thoughtful enough of their style and motif to at least provide it in Japanese brand shakers.

For my money, though, the best part of the meal was the draft Asahi beer, which was as smooth and creamy as a baby’s bottom. It was a big part of most of their clienteles’ drinking as well, as the glassed flowed continuously from the tap and the mini-kegs were changed frequently.

If you don’t read Korean and can’t speak it well enough to order, you might want to visit this place with a Korean friend. Their menus are only in Korean and their staff (from my experience) spoke little or no English. Still it was a great find and a welcome diversion from the usual selection of restaurants in Ulsan.

To find WakuWaku in Samsandong, walk along the street behind Lotte Department Store. With Lotte on your left and Starbucks on your right, take the next right turn. When you are below Namaskar Indian Restaurant on the 2nd floor, turn left. WakuWaku will be about 25m up the street, on the right on the 2nd floor (This location appears to now be closed. See above for directions to the Seongnamdong/Shinae location)