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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

3 Parks and a Little Beach!

During my time in Ulsan, I have pretty much explored every inch of this fine city. However, I still keep finding awesome little places from time to time. Daebawi, Solgae and Songjeong parks really surprised me. Situated along highway 31 just outside of Jinha Beach, heading towards Ganjeolgot. These 3 little parks are quite easy to miss when you are heading up to see the sunrise at Ganjeolgot.

Songjeong Park

I would say that this is the largest of the 3 parks and has a lot to offer. From shaded seating under tall pines to a large open lawn that is perfect a picnic. This park also has water access to the rocky beach below and  and some great view points that are perfect for a romantic sunrise. Speaking of romance this park is also a short walk from  one of the so-called “Love Lighthouses” and would be a great date spot during the summer.

There are also a few “stores” there but in my numerous trips out there, I have yet to see them actually open. However, the washrooms there are clean and modern. I just wonder what they do with the buildings as they are nice-looking but have never been open.


Solgae Park

Just down the road from Songjeong Park is this wonderful little park that offers views of not only the sunrise but back towards JinHa Beach as well. From here you can walk down to the beach or sit and watch the ocean waves from the many benches along the paths around the park. This park has a small store (that is actually open) by the washrooms near the parking lot. You can get to the beach by walking down from the parking lot and heading left. The signs will guide you to the beach.

Solgae Beach

This little beach probably gets passed up as the restaurants in front of it obstruct the view and also make the beach look a little rundown. However, once you take a walk along this little beach you can quickly see why it is a great spot to get away from the the crowds at JinHa Beach. The large rocks at the far end of the beach give an almost “Pacific-Northwest” Feel especially with the pine trees. This is an eclectic little beach as it is sort of off the radar. One of the restaurants has fences made out of skis and snowboards which adds that WTF? factor to the area a bit. Overall, it is not a bad beach to get away from the crowds in the summer. I did notice a few people camping along the sides of the beach, whether that is allowed there or not, I am not sure. Most of the parks here do not allow camping.

DaeBawi Park

The last and smallest park here sits on the far side of Solgae Beach is Daebowi Park. This is a slightly different style compared to the others but still a worth park with some great view of the ocean. It is also located right next to the new JinHa Leisure Sports Center. The benches in the secluded forest offer a nice break from the summer heat. However, with a short walk down the stairs, you will be at the beach. This is a great park for those looking for a little shade and seclusion while also getting in some great view.

As far as parks go, these are not the most exciting parks. However, they offer great views of the ocean and are meticulously maintained.  They are also all connected right up to Ganjeolgot and beyond. So if you feel like a walk, you can follow the trail right from JinHa Beach. I believe that this trail is part fo the larger coastal trail network.

Finally, if you do go out there, please pack in what you pack out. While these parks are very clean, I did not see many trash cans. Please pack out what you pack in.

To Get There: Take HWY 31 to Ganjeolgot. The parks are staggered along the road and clearly marked on the road.

Buses: The 715 and 405 Buses make stops along the way Solgae Beach is the best stop to get out at.

** Each heading in this article is linked to Kakao maps giving you detailed information including bus times**

Jason Teale is a freelance photographer based in South Korea specializing in travel, Cinemagraphs, food, and documentary photography. Available for assignments in Ulsan, Busan, Seoul, and nationwide.