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Best of Ulsan – 2012 – How to Get There

Buying and servicing cars, motorcycles and bicycles categories are here.  All that travel is made so much easier when you’ve got wheels of your own. Here’s what our readers decided are the best places to buy your own set of wheels and where to get them serviced.

In the Bicycle Department, there is no arguing with our readers on this one, partner OMK Bicycles wins with 100% of the votes in both the Best Bike Shop in Ulsan and Best Bicycle Repair Shop in Ulsan.  A double win!

When buying a motorcycle, our readers are crystal clear – Mr Goh’s DaeGyoung Motors in Bangeojin wins Best Motorcycle Shop with 100% of the vote!

In the Motorcycle Repair department, Mr Goh’s DaeGyoung Motors wins for Best Motorcycle Service in Ulsan with 75% of the votes, another double win! Honorable mention goes to Ulsan AutoBike at 25%.

In the car department, not a single car sales shop or service shop received a single vote. Apparently readers aren’t big on driving cars.

Congratulations to OMK Bikes and Mr Goh their double wins on sales and service!