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Bomun Lake Gyeongju

During the springtime, there is no place better to go than the Bomun Lake resort area in Gyeongju. The area offers a mix traditional themes, natural vistas and modern amenities. It is this mix that draws thousands of visitors to the lakeside every year to watch it burst with colour. Spring is arguably the best season to visit the area as the roads and lakeside paths are lined with cherry blossoms.

One of the best ways to explore the area is to stay at the lake. The reason being is that the traffic gets crazy especially around the late afternoon and it is much easier to stay in a hotel and visit the sites at your leisure. One of the best places, in my opinion, is the Hyundai Hotel Gyeongju. The hotel offers a great lakeside view and is located just steps off the lakeside path.

After staying there for the weekend, I realized that the price of keeping my sanity while enjoying the beautiful Bomun Lake was well worth it. Not to mention that the Hyundai Hotel made the trip over the top with their dinner and breakfast buffet. For years, I have battled the crowds and while it was still a bit early when we visited, the trip was immensely relaxing.

The Bomun area has changed a lot over the years and now has a slightly updated feel to it. Especially around the Gyeongju World amusement park, there have been a lot of updates to the resort area. This is a double-edged in some cases as the more modern amenities bring more and more crowds. Thus, making travel around the area best left to walking or biking.

One of the top sites in the area is the tiny Bomunji pond. This little pond comes alive with the cherry blossoms in the spring and is quite popular with tourists. It is a great spot to check out and is best viewed earlier in the morning to avoid most of the crowds.

While the kids may enjoy the amusement park, the walk around it is also quite enjoyable. From the coffee shops to the fresh air the Bomun Lake is an oasis. During the evening, walk towards the Hyundai Hotel and you will catch a glimpse of magic. The lights will come on and illuminate the cherry blossoms along the walking path.

Where to Stay:

the best place to stay is around the lake itself. there are many hotels to choose from but the Hyundai Hotel Gyeongju stands out from the pack. Their staff are amazing and the hotel’s facilities are top notch. Their dinner and breakfast buffets are amazing and cater to Western and Korean tastes.  The hotel is located in a prime location that gives the visitor unparalleled access to beautiful views and everything else that the Bomun Resort area has to offer.

What to Eat:

There are many cafes and shops around the Bomun area. While some may have inflated their prices a little bit there are numerous places to choose from. Situated just across the street from the Gyeongju Expo grounds there are a few places offering fastfood and budget choices. Not to mention that many of the hotels will have dinner buffets as well.