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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Cheongsapo Port Day Trip

Cheongsapo Port is located near the end of Dalmaji Hill or rather just below it and is very close to Songjeong and Haeundae beaches.  Cheongsapo Port has become famous as a place to view beautiful sunrises behind the twin lighthouses and most where you can ride the scenic train to get an amazing view of the ocean. The rocks scattered along the port’s shore were once crowded with fisherman and now are filled with couples and tourist snapping pictures for their instagram.

The newly completed Cheongsapo Station is a famous stop in the Haeundae Blue Line Park  and where you can jump aboard the Haeundae Beach Train (7,000 won per person 1-way) or  the tiny sky capsule trains (30,000 won 1-2 people 1-way) that allow passengers some amazing views of the seaside along the coast of Busan. These trains run regularly, every 15 minutes in the summer and are a unique way to see the area as they run from Mipo all the way to Seongjeong which is about a 30 minute trip, each way.

The port is also filled with seafood restaurants and charming cafes that offer great views of the ocean. H.US Coffee is a popular spot if you are looking for that “trendy K-coffee” vibe. However, there are a number of neat little shops in the area to get your fix of caffeine and cake. Be warned that these places fill up fast and especially on the weekends!

As you walk around the port take the time to head over to the Daritdol Skywalk and take in all of the amazing to view of the port. Open from 9am to 6 pm year round and from June until August they extend the closing until 8 pm. The platform is a staggering 20 meters off the water and gives some stunning views.

Getting There:

From Ulsan: Take the Mugunghwa train from Taehwagang Station to Seongjeong Station. From there you can take the beach train to Cheongsapo

Other Routes from around Busan:

  • Exit 5 of Jangsan Station on Busan Metro Line 2 → Transfer to Village Bus Haeundae-gu 2 → Get off at Cheongsapo Mart and walk for 3 min
  • Busan City Tour Bus Red Line (Busan Station) → Transfer to the Blue Line (Haeundae Beach) → Get off at Cheongsapo

Parking: Cheongsapo Public Parking Lot (Just before the Cheongsapo Station, on your left as you head towards the ocean). Parking is also available along the seawall to the left upon reaching the port.

Map link and directions