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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Getting to Muju

Heading up to the upper mountain - Photo Fin Madden

Heading up to the upper mountain – Photo Fin Madden

This is for the mountian resort of Muju. If you search it online you can even check out the webcams it has there(although to view the webcams you have to use internet explorer)

Me and a mate went up on Sunday and it was wicked. Muju has the longest run in Korea of just over 6km…it was awesome. Plus to get to the top you take a gondola so you dont have to freeze yr butt off on the chairlifts.

Beautiful views

Beautiful views

Travel agent: 052-272-3100.

Ask for Jong-un as she is the only one who seems to speak decent English.

W76,000 for ski pass/Bus/Board boot rental.

The all-new Moving Salom course!

The all-new Moving Salom course!

Make sure you tell the travel agency if you want to ski or snowboard, as this will determine if ski or snowboard rental is marked on your pass.

Transfer the money into the travel agency’s bank account:

Kyongnam Bank – Account number: 591210187011.

Bus leaves from the inter-city bus stop underneath the Taewha rotary bridge at 05:20, and also stops at Sinbok Rotary. It arrives at Muju at about 08:30. The bus leaves Muji resort at 16:30 and arrives back in Ulsan around 20:00 depending on traffic.

Once at the resort, the bus driver will toddle off to get your passes for the day so just wait around the bus until he returns clutching your pass. Then go off to get your skis/board and boots.

Hire of pants, jackets and helmets is optional but not included in the price. We paid W30,000 for two pants and a helmet.