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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Gyeongju Yangnam Jusangjeolli Cliffs

By Jason Teale



Jusangjeolli Cliffs are famous rock formations found around Korea. The most famous of them are found on Jeju Island. However, Between Jeongja Beach and the outer reaches of the Gyeongju National Park, you will find a smaller set but still worth checking out.


These columnar joint rock formations resemble fallen pillars and line a small section of coast just up from the nuclear power plant. In case you were wondering, there are not mutant rocks but rather volcanic rock formations. Whatever their origins are, there area around them is quick becoming a nice little spot for a morning walk or a weekend getaway.


The Jusangjeolli can be found all along the coast from Ulsan to the “other” Daewangam which is in the Gyeongju National Park and not to be confused with the park near Ilsan Beach. These cliffs are found along the coast as you follow the highway down to the nuclear power plant. Once past Jeongja beach keep heading down the highway 31 until you pass the Yangnam intersection and keep going until you see the Napoli Motel. Just past you will take the exit of the road (Yangnam Hang-gu Gil) and then your immediate right. You will see the parking lot and the first of a few coffee shops.


As you go to the sea, you can follow the path along the cost to check out the rock formations. The trail is new and so far, well-maintained. The small swinging bridge adds a unique touch to the trail and sort of mixes things up a bit. As you walk back to the Napoli Motel area there will be a few coffee shops and a rest area. The rest area is designed to give you a great view of the circular rock formation. This is also a great place to come to watch the sunrise.



Soon, there will be a cafe bene to complete the area. However, there are a few cafes along the way if Korean chain cafes are not your thing. How far along you go is up to you. I usually stay around the coffee shop area as it is a great location and the rock formations are larger there. That particular area is known for the circular or fan-shaped formation and is currently under construction to improve the viewing facilities.



To get there head down HWY 31 past Jeongja Beach. Keep heading down the highway until you see the Napoli Motel mentioned above. I am not sure which buses go out that way as it is located next to a pretty small village.