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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

How to get to (and from) the KTX – Ulsan Station

The Ulsan KTX station is located in Eonyang, a suburb of Ulsan in the western end of the district. It links Ulsan to downtown Busan (20 mins), Daegu (20 mins), Daejeon (1hr 15mins), Seoul (2hrs 20mins), and several other points along the way. There are 3 options for getting and from the KTX station; bus (which has 3 variations), taxi or drive yourself.


There are 3 types of bus that service the Ulsan Station; Limousine Bus (5000 series), the Express-City Bus (1703) and the regular city bus (327, 328, 337, 807 run into Ulsan, 308, 318, 323, 327, 328, 337, 807 run into Eonyang – please note some of these buses do go both ways from the station, so be aware of where they’re headed when you board, unless you want a round-about ride home).

The limousine bus costs 3,200 won cash (the driver can produce change from a little box on your left when you enter the bus, if necessary) or 3,000 won with a bus card. The 1703 costs 1,700 won cash, 1,500 won with a bus card. (The 3000 bus listed in the photo below goes to Yangsan.) Regular city buses cost 1,150 won cash or 1,000 with a bus card. The more you pay, the faster the bus route is, with fewer stops.

The Limousine buses run on 35 minute intervals (5004 is 38 min intervals). Times are available on the Korean-only page of the city web-site.

The stops along the 5000 bus routes are as follows (for city bus routes, including 1703, please check the UlsanOnline Bus Route by Number guide):

5001 – Ggotbawi Bus Terminal, Hyundai Mipo Shipyard, Taewhagang Station, Boram Hospital, Namgu District Office, City Hall, Taehwa Rotary, Mugeo boggaecheon, Gulhwa jugong Apt, Sayeon/Banyeon (near UNIST), Ulsan Station.

5002 – Ggotbawi Bus Terminal, Bangeodong Community Service Center, Ilsan Beach, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Nammok 1Dong, Hyundai Motor Company, HMC Release & Delivery Center, Hakseong Elementary School, Junggu District Office, Ulsan Metropolitan Board of Education, Daun Middle School, Umirin 2Cha Apt, Guyeongli, Ulsan Station.

5003 – Dalcheon, I-Park Apt 1Cha, Ssangyongajin Apt 1Cha, Shincheon, Ulsan Airport, Bukgu District Office, Byeongyeong Sagori (4 Jct), Hakseong gongwon (park), Seongnamdong, Taehwadong, Samho Gyo (Bridge), Gulhwa jugong Apt, Ulsan Station.

5004 – Namchang High School, Onsan-eup Office, S-Oil Corp, Deokha Sijang (Market), Ulsan Grand Park East Gate, Ulsan Court in Okdong), Ulsan University, Shinbok Rotary, Nonghyup Hanaro Mart, Ulsan Station.

5000 series and 1730 bus routes (sorry for the reflection)


Taxi – There is a special surcharge on taxis going to the KTX station, since it’s a long way back to town for them alone, or a long wait in the taxi queue if they stay at the station to wait for a fare. From Ulsan University (Ul-Dae) in Mugeodong, a taxi to Ulsan Station costs approximately 13,000-15,000 won during the day, 20,000- 23,000 from central Ulsan (Samsandong, Junggu), 30,000 from Hogye, or 35,000 from Donggu. The drive should take approximately 20 mins from Mugeo, 30-40 mins from central Ulsan, and 45-1hr from Hogye or Donggu, again, depending on traffic and whether or not your driver is attempting to break the sound barrier.

Driving – Take Highway 24 out of Ulsan, heading towards Eonyang/Miryang. Follow the turn-off signs to Ulsan Station.

See this map for directions from the Samho Bridge intersection in Mugeodong.