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Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

by Ruan Smit

It’s Spring in East Asia and the streets are slowly filling with the most beautiful light pink blossoms that indicates the end of yet another long, cold winter. People all over are celebrating the the timely arrival of yet another new season. The Town of Jinhae is one of these. This Small South Korean town 30 minutes west of Busan boasts probably the most well known festival of this sorts in the country.

The streets are aligned with trees ready to bloom and for a few weeks every year everyone stops and gazes up at the majestic pink roof that covers most streets in this town. At full bloom this is a spectacular sight and tourists from all over come for the 10 day festival that celebrates this beauty. Over two million people walk the streets over the festival period struck with the air of spring and the beauty that it presents.

If you’re in search for indication that spring has arrived this is the place to find it and celebrate it with the rest of Korea.

About The Festival:

From the end of March to early April, Korea’s largest cherry blossom festival takes place in Jinhae. Over 2 million tourists come from all over the world to walk along the tree-lined streets and picturesque mountain paths. There are so many cherry blossom trees in Jinhae that when the wind blows it seems as if it is raining cherry blossom petals.

The Jinhae Gunhang festival also commemorates Korea’s famous Admiral Yi Sun Shin and includes a military band parade in addition to the many cherry blossom-themed events.

How To Get There:

Take a Bus to Masan or Changwon and either find your way with taxi or bus to Jinhae.

We suggest you go to Masan and find a Love Motel (W30000) in the vicinity of the bus station. (Motels in Jinhae ask ridiculous prices during the festival) Then take a bus to Jinhae (760, 762, 162) – remember to take a business card at your motel if you intend to stay after 22:00 as you won’t find a bus at that time.

Where to see the Blossoms:

The Festival information centre offers a map that will guide you to  where the best places are to see the blossoms. You can also print a list from here.

To see the percentage of trees in bloom and better plan you trip go here.

For more information and festival times go here.