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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Jung Gwang Temple: A Gem in Mugeo-dong

It is that time again, Buddha’s birthday. This is a time when temples decorate themselves in celebration. You may think that you have to travel to far off places like Seoul or Busan to enjoy the festivities, but you don’t have to. Beautiful temples are located all around Ulsan and some even right inside the city!

Temples like Tongdosa and Seoknamsa are popular this time of year, have you heard of Junggwangsa? This temple is located on the edge of Mugeo Dong, this temple is one of the most elaborately decorated in the city. With multiple floors and numerous different styles of lanterns, this is a must see.

While May 10th is the official date for Buddha’s Birthday, you don’t have to wait for the crowds to visit Junggwangsa, just head out there when you feel. Over the years, I have visited this temple many times to photograph it’s beauty and I have never been disappointed. I have also found that the people are extremely friendly and very helpful.

During my visiting last night, I led through the temple by workers helping to put up the hundreds, if not thousands of lanterns. I could photograph anywhere and there were very few people visiting this temple at that time. It was amazing and very calming. As I walked up the stairs to the roof I was met with a view of the city lit only by the lanterns.

How To Get There: Both roads that leave from Mugeo-dong via Sinbok Rotary will get you close to the temple. Junggwangsa is located about a block or two back from where the roads meet and become one. The best way is to turn left at Sinbok and follow that road as you will pass right by it.

If you come from the Taehwa Rotary just follow along the river and when the road splits, take the left and the temple will be on the right. Check your navigation for Namsan Roh, that is the road that goes along the river. When you take the left, that road will be the Sahm-ho Ro.