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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Munsu Stadium Sports Complex

Sports complex? How complex are sports. Ball, net…foot, hand, stick. Really, they aren’t complex at all. The full name of the Stadium is..The Ulsan Munsu World Cup Sports Complex Stadium, or something like that.DSCN1688

At first glance there is a brilliant, if underused, soccer stadium. It was built at the cost of 120 million dollars to Hyundai (yup, believe it or not). There’s more though. The stadium is home to the World Cup cough Museum (3 or 4 soccer jerseys) a Wedding Hall (that isn’t soccer themed) a K-League soccer team (the Hyundai Tigers) an outdoor training pitch and a rose garden.DSCN1687

But it’s on the second inspection that the stadium becomes a complex, and not the kind of complex that you’ve been hiding from your boss and your girlfriend. There’s the lake, with brilliant walking trail circling it. The lake now has duck paddle boats and a lotus garden. DSCN1686

Further you’ll find (to the right of the stadium on a hilltop) the rollerblading area and short track, the lawn bowling, tennis (including clay) and shooting club (airguns…don’t get excited). Beyond this area there is the drive-in theatre. DSCN1685

Near the lake there is the Munsu swimming pool. Though, it’s more than just a swimming pool. In fact, its 4 pools. A children’s, a training, an olympic AND a full diving pool with the 2, 3 and 5 (or whatever) boards. This deep pool is also used for scuba diving training. This pool is a world class facility, and only costs 3500 won for a days swimming.DSCN1683

Behind the stadium there is a baseball park, and to the very left of the complex is the massive World Archery Stadium. Which, I’ve been told by participants in this years championships, is better than even the Beijing facilities….making Ulsan an archery hub…enough of that talk though.DSCN1681

Munsu is also connected to the Namgu encirling 22km hiking/mountain biking trail that links Taehwa rotary to Munsu, Ulsan Grand Park and the Suam dam park. If you want a brilliant experience of a wilderness hike in the city and a tour of the recreation facilities of Ulsan.