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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

The Blossoms of Seosaenpo

Every year thousands of tourists flock to Jinhae and other well-known Cherry Blossom spots to get their best shots and stand in the beauty of this spring spectacle. The internet lights up with questions of “where is the best spot to see cherry blossoms in Korea?” Well, here is a place that you might not know about but it is definitely worth seeing and you won’t have to go far!

Unless you hang out at Ulsan’s tourist info booth, then you might not have heard about Seosangpo, the Japanese fortress that over looks Jinha beach. When driving up, it may not seem like much. It is only marked by the small brown signs that you follow through the tiny roads and between the hanok houses. Finally you will see a sign, an information booth and a path.

If you get there soon the fortress will show you its hidden beauty, the Cherry Blossoms. Barely visible from the road the fortress is covered with them. It makes a wonderful afternoon hike and a great place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the spring weather in Ulsan.

How to get there:

By Scooter/Motorcycle or Car you can take HWY 14 heading towards Haeundae and turn left at the signs just past the Onggi Village. Both Jinha and Seosangpo are marked clear on the signs. Alternatively, you can take HWY 31 through the petrochemical complex which is a little quicker but you have to deal with the trucks and industrial landscape.

When arriving in Jinha, look to the left immediately entering the and you will see the brown sign that will take you to the trail head.

By Bus you can take the 715, 405, and the 1715 to get to Jinha and then you’ll just have to walk back a bit along the main road and then through the little houses to get to the main entrance.