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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Top 5 Things to Do in Ulsan on a Budget

During the long weekend or any weekend for that matter, people tend to leave Ulsan for more “exciting” places. However, there are some great places within Ulsan that are probably just as exciting without the time it takes to travel. If you have limited time our resources these can also be a great alternative to shelling out the money it would take to get up to Seoul for a weekend.

1. The Taehwa River Grand Park


Few places offer such a variety of scenic choices in Ulsan than the Taehwa River Grand Park. You can start by checking out the Taehwa-ro on the edge of the park and then make your way down to the bamboo forest. Then walk back through the main area to possibly catch a performance or a festival. Finish off the day at one of the many cafes and restaurants located alongside the park.

2. The Riverside Paths


If there is one thing that I have to say is awesome about Ulsan, it is the paths along the Taehwa River. Not only are they well maintained but they are beautiful. They run along both sides of the Taehwa River and even the smaller streams like the Mugeo-chon and Myeongchon. There are plenty of places to sit or exercise and there is even a water park located next to the Myeongchon path. The paths do get busy on the weekends but just being out and active is worth it.

3. Daewangam Park


The recent improvements to the park make this place a great spot to taste a bit of nature without leaving the city. The pine forest offers a bit of fresh air in an area that is known for poor air quality. Daewangam park also offers great views of the ocean and of Hyundai Heavy Industries. Not to mention that the park is now smoke free and the cafes at the entrance to the park offer some great refreshments and food.

4. Old Downtown Cafes

If just sitting and relaxing are more fitting of your tastes then the numerous cafes in Seongnamdong are probably better for you. Just a short walk from the main shopping area in old downtown, this strip of cafes and restaurants just up from the Shigae-top intersection offer a great way to relax and chat with friends. Most of these shops have either outdoor seating or at least a unique artistic flare that is a change from the chain coffee shops popping up around the city. Chances are that there will be some sort of event going on there and that just adds the atmosphere.

5. Seonam Lake Park


What was once an industrial reservoir is now a beautiful park. It offers a great walk around the lake and some interesting attractions. Be sure to check out the miniature churches and cathedrals which are interesting and functional. Meaning that you can actually go inside these tiny buildings and pray. A great time to go here is in the spring-time when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.