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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Ulsan Grand Park

The largest park in the city, Ulsan Grand Park, or to Koreans, Ulsan Big Park, is worth a days outing. I once feared to tread in the park for roaming gangs of middle school students who would want to take my photo (which still happens) but I finally got over my fear and starting going to the park, regularly.


Ulsan Grand Park is big, it’s about 4km long, and at most points is 500 m wide. The Park has three main gates, one at Gonguptap Rotary (east Gate), one in Okdong near the Uljugun office (main gate) and a third gate on the South Ring Road (or Nambusuwhan-doro), which runs past Munsu Stadium.

The park is also connected to the rest of the city with the lit 22 km hiking trail that runs from Taehwa rotary, rides up and along the Namsan ridgeline west to Mugeodong, crosses over the road, connecting the Archery Stadium at Munsu, then through the Grand Park to Suam dam Park (all lit at night). The trail is for walking, though you can mountain bike most of it (it’s pretty rugged for biking).DSCN1627

When you first enter through any of the gates you will come across a bicycle rental shop, convenience store and tram stop. The convenience stores are the only place to buy food in the park. There are a number of fountains and small lakes scattered through the park, along side a swimming pool, outdoor waterpark (for young children), winter sliding hill, War Memorial and mini museum, butterfly conservatory, rose garden, petting zoo, bicycle safety zone, a giant childrens trampoline area that looks like the coolest place in the world, gazebos and more. For adults, there is a 9 hole pitch n put course for 20 000 won (I think) a gym (membership required) and of course, the war museum.DSCN1626

If renting a bicycle is not your thing, you can rent rollerblades at the okdong gate. There is a large sports shop across the mini rotary from the main entry,they have most sizes of blades, bicycles, and push scooters as well.

The park (Phase 1 and 2) were built for the city by the SK corporation for a hefty sum. Though popular on weekends, the park is rarely overcrowded, as it does cover a massive amount of land. Even when it is busy, it’s still easy to find a quite place to have a picnic.

Dogs are welcome in the park, though bring a poobag, as this is one place in the city where it is not acceptable to poo and run. Children are also welcome, I guess. You probably shouldn’t let your kids poo on the grass either.

Ulsan Grand Park is the largest recreational area in the city, and with it’s 3 gates and hiking trail connections, it a lot to explore.