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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Unique Lighthouses of Korea

If you have traveled out to the seaside around Ulsan, you may have noticed that there are an abundance of lighthouses. You may have even noticed that many are of a unique shape and design. If you haven’t, time to take a “Deungdae Yeo-hang” or lighthouse trip!

JeongJa Ghost Whale Lighthouse

It wouldn’t be Ulsan without whales. It is fitting that these whales (there are two, white one is just outside the frame) greet the boats as they enter the harbour. The Jeonja area has some great seafood and some amazing scenery. You can also walk right up to these lighthouses and the view in the early morning is amazing.

The Jujeon Pagoda Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located just around the corner from Jujeon Beach. It’s shape is representative of the pagodas found in Gyeongju’s Gamunsaji site. The colourful tetrapods are also a nice touch to the normally drab barriers. Again, you can walk right up to the lighthouse and either go fishing or take a selfie.

The Gangdong Fish Lighthouse

If you drive further down the road from Jujeon Beach towards Jeongja, you will catch a glimpse of the Fish Lighthouse. This area is popular with local fisherman and there is even a special fishing area nearby.  There is a little walking path that you can walk to the little village further down the road. This is a great spot to wander through a quiet seaside village. There is also a trick art museum on the hill overlooking this area.

The Baseball, Seagull and Eel Lighthouses

L to R: The Eel Lighthouse, The Seagull Lighthouse, and the Baseball Lighthouse

Just down the road from Ulsan is the city of Gijang. It has become famous for its fresh seafood and cafes with breath-taking views but also it’s lighthouses. In the Chilam Port, you can find 3 uniquely themed lighthouses all in a row. The baseball lighthouse is a hat tip to Busan’s favourite game. The seagull represents Busan’s official bird and the eel… well why not? Everyone loves eels, right?

The Baby Bottle Lighthouse


One of the more famous lighthouses in the area has to be the baby bottle lighthouse. It symbolizes Busan’s wish for more babies and many people wishing to have a baby visit the lighthouse for good luck. The baby bottle lighthouse sits along the lighthouse road which goes the the Daebyeon Port. Here you will also find the Worldcup lighthouse, the Chicken Comb Lighthouse, the Robot Taekwan V and Mazinger Z Lighthouses.

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