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Waterskiing & Wakeboarding in Gyeongju

They have many boards to choose from...

They have many boards to choose from…

Practice your tricks and moves before you hit the water using their trampoline and tow rope!

Practice your tricks and moves before you hit the water using their trampoline and tow rope!

What do you miss the most about home? Cheese? A set garbage day? A backyard? For me, it’s hitting up the cottage with a group of friends. Here’s my solution: Gyeong Buk Water Skiing Training Center or Gyeong Buk Su Sang Seu Ki Hyeop He.

Located in Gyeongju, about a 10 minute drive out of the downtown core, this little lake is a safe-haven-get-away for the cottage and water sport lover.

Pack a lunch (or food to BBQ), a towel, sunscreen and a few close friends, the rest will be taken care of.

Mr. Yun Young-Hui, the young 55 year old owner, has had this business up and running for the past 12 years. Having fallen in love with water sports nearly 20 years ago, opening up this operation seemed like the only logical “next step.”


The Layout:


The park can be a little tricky to find, but once you arrive you can stay for as long as you want and spend as much, or as little, as you want. Surrounded by mountains, you pull into the gravel “parking lot” which boarders the office, the change rooms, and equipment storage. Next to the office is a trampoline with a rope so you can practice your big tricks on land before you attempt them on water. If you walk a little further, with a rice field on your left, you’ll find the “green cylinder of pleasantry,” or, if you will, the out-house- may I recommend the lake? Also in that area, is a tent and some tables, a great place to have lunch. If you bring things that need to stay cold, the owners are more than happy to let you use their fridge. Ok, now the fun stuff: five tire steps will bring you down to a big floating dock. The first section of which has swings, lounge chairs, and slides that lead to the water. This dock also provides a great place to enjoy a packed lunch under the comfort of shade. The second dock houses the boats, and is where you can sign up for your turn to water ski or wakeboard. They also have a computer with English video tutorials for beginners.




Beginners Lessons: 50, 000 W

Input (Big Engine): 25,000W per turn

Output (Small Engine): 20,000W per turn

· A turn includes two cuts (twice up and down the lake)


They also have equipment there for you to use: Life jackets, boards, skis, even some extra small boats to play around on. No additional charge.




There are about 4-5 staff members, all really helpful and pleasant. Minimal English abilities, but their broad smiles more than make up for it.


Slides, swings, decks and lounge chairs!

Slides, swings, decks and lounge chairs!



Check out the map. There are no buses that run directly, but if you jump in a cab and tell the driver, “Hwa San Bulgogi Place Kajuseyo,” that should do it.


Surrounding area:


About 3-5 minutes away there’s a Korean Bulgogi Restaurant complex. You can buy a few snacks on location, but your best bet, for a good meal, is to pack one yourself or stop off in Gyeongju before you get to the lake.


Hours of Operation:


There’s no need to call in advance, just show up.

They’re regularly open from 8am-6pm. During the summer time, another two hours are tacked on: 8am-8pm.


Contact Information:


Office #: (054) 762-7022 Cell Phone: (019) 570-1595