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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Calling All Ulsan Hangdogs

Calling all Ulsan Rock climbers. Your help is needed on our local crag, Munsu Mountain.

Many of you are aware of the ultimate climbing website in Korea, Korea on the Rocks. But not many are aware of the initiatives they have begun this year.  Dedicated not just to climbing, there are many members of that site who are interested in maintaining and preserving Korea’s many outstanding climbing sites.  If you’ve ever been rock climbing on Munsu then you know what the lack of maintenance looks like: many of the routes have rusted and gnarly anchors, frayed cables on the top anchor and rusted or even loose anchor bolts. One of the four initiatives the KOTR people have determined this year is our very own Munsu Mountain and we’re ecstatic as there are still many routes that need work.  A few of the members came to Ulsan May this year and repaired or replaced multiple routes.

On November 19-20, KOTR will be coming back to do more work on Munsu Mtn. This time, they’ve requested some help from the local climbers.  Specifically, KOTR is looking for local people help own the maintenance work here on Munsu. They have committed to providing hardware and equipment if we commit to provide someone to do the work. Bryan Hylenski has promised to teach one or two local climbers how to bolt routes, a skill that is invaluable in setting and repairing routes.

In addition to route repair, they are also willing to help in a multitude of ways and are looking for suggestions between then and now as to what needs there are. These can include the initial creation, maintenance or repair of  hand-rails, trails, steps, camping areas and even blaze new trails if need be. Munsu is a great climbing destination, but there are still some things that could be better.  Please give this some thought next time you are on Munsu and add to the “Munsusan” discussion now underway in the “initiative” forum.

As an added bonus, anyone coming out to help on the November 19-20th will be fodder for the camera. Both a still camera and video camera will be on site and the photographers will be filming for the Seoul “Reel Rock tour” slated for December 10th.  Your climbing might be shown! Sound bites from local climbers are also needed. Here’s your opportunity for another 15 minutes of fame. This is a good chance to meeting, be informed, and share with other climbers.

Currently, the schedule is for KOTR people to come in on the 19th, and spend the day meeting, planning and then camping that evening. Sunday the 20th will be a full day of repairing and maintaining on Munsu.

We’re very pleased to have the KOTR people come to our city and help preserve our climbing crag. The KOTR Initiatives group only conducts four initiatives per year. This year,  Munsu – once in May and now again in November – that is getting 50% of their effort. It behooves us to provide some local climbing folks to help out and get involved.