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In Memory of Dave Harvey

Dave and Bruno

Dave Harvey may not be a household name in Ulsan these days, but he certainly helped create the amazing expat community that exists here today. On December 27th of 2015 Dave Harvey passed away from a rare form of cancer that had taken over his body in less than a year. He was only 37 years old.

Dave was instrumental in helping the expat community become what it is today. He arrived here back in 2003 with his best friend Fin Madden, who later created this amazing site. I arrived later that year and together with the help of the fledgling expat community at the time, we not only laid the foundation for this site but also the caring community that it has become.


Dave was the editor of the Ulsan Pear, which was the first English/expat-run newspaper in the city. He was also the lead photographer for it as well. He taught me pretty much everything that I know. Many of the images that people use for the various facebook groups are using his images. If you are a part of the EPIK 2015 facebook group, you have seen his work because he took your profile photo.

Dave would later return to Canada and start work at Footprints Recruiting, where he help bring numerous teachers to not only Ulsan but the rest of Korea as well. I have had many experiences with less reputable recruiters and I can honestly say that Dave’s determination help make Footprints one of the best. Dave made sure that teachers arrived safely and prepared for their adventure ahead.

Whether you knew Dave or not, he had a lasting impact on Ulsan and the community here. He help start a community that has become known around Korea for being the most helpful and friendly. He later brought many teachers here and gave them a chance to experience this amazing country. Now, it is our turn to help Dave’s wife and family in their time of need.

Dave’s illness swept through him in only a matter of months. We all know how hard it is to have to pay for something like this as well as come to terms with the loss of a loved one. So, I am reaching out to the community of Ulsan to help one of their own. Both Dave and his wife have lived and taught in Ulsan and now they need your help.


A Gofundme page has been set up to accept donations to help with the funeral costs and other expenses incurred during this trying time for Dave’s wife. Whether you can help a little or a lot, all would be appreciated. For more information, please click the link below. Also if you knew dave we have also set up a website to help keep his memory alive

Donations for Dave Harvey